Is there some kind of recap to the main things that have happened on the twitch stream? Like a group that is compiling a list somewhere for people who haven't been able to watch the stream constantly? I'm sad because I'm out of the loop on a few of the memes. Thanks!


i dont know does anyone have a link for something like this


Attempting the safari zone like

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So lets see… We have:

1)Created a religion

2)Created democracy

3)Created small parties trying to stop the progress of democracy

4)Created fractions within the religion

and finally

5)Created religious fanatics.

… All within the space of a week.

… You couldn’t find a better metaphor for humanity if you tried.



Sorry for the jagged shadows.



I present you: Eurovision 2013

Eurovision is the best fucking thing in the world ok

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those are probably the worst gifs ive ever made but there was just a mighty need to capture this golden moment in the beautiful format known as tumblr photoset

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How to get the girl:

Step one: play Sun & Moon.

There are no more steps.